My Midwest Dreamin’ 2016 Experience 

I attended Midwest Dreamin 16, and had a wonderful time.  It was my 2nd regional event after Tahoe Dreamin 16, and it was full of learning, networking and fun.   I will write further about some of the sessions in a later blog – this one shall be a recap.  (Honestly, there is nothing more boring than reading my recap – what you really want are the photos, am I right?? – scroll to the bottom for the link to the photos…)

What I did at Midwest Dreamin 16:

  • Toured around Navy Pier with @kputikka
  • Attended the Women In Tech pre-event lunch and met awesome community leaders.
  • Attended these great sessions:
  • 3 Keynotes
    • Digital and Human Harmony – Erica Kuhl
    • Business and Personal Branding in the Digital Era – Vala Afshar
    • Game of Phones: Becoming the Architects of Connection – Peter Coffee
  • Was on the WINNING Team for #AwesomeAdmin trivia (Shonnah’s Awesome Admin’S – or #SAAS as we called it)


  • Apex and the Limits was the house band, and I WON the Groupie Video Contest (with the help of “Trailhead Bugle Boy”)
  • The #WIT happy Hour was a fun relaxing social time for getting to know other awesome admin and developers
  • Networking – this community is so amazing and there is something about these regional events that you won’t get at Deamforce or your local user groups.  You have access to leaders, change agents, and admin pioneers in Salesforce.  You can sit and talk to MVPs about their experiences and learn that they are people too and want to learn from you as well!  The networking at regional events is outstanding.  I got to meet so many Salesforce customers and partners who are deep in the weeds and we can exchange battle scars.  There is time and opportunity to make those connections and be authentic.  

Still so excited about the Event, I need to Jump for Joy like Astro! (Hi @girlygeeksocal)


My Flikr photos will tell more of the story – see them here: Midwest Dreamin 2016