Admin to Analyst: Where does a Salesforce BA go for help?

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the  “Admin To Analyst: Salesforce Business Analysts Talk Transitioning Roles” at Dreamforce 2016.  I am still thrilled that I was asked to be included with these other AWESOME presenters.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered in the session, please let us know.

A couple interactions recently caused me to write down my “go to” list of learning and knowledge about Salesforce.

  • @NickersUniverse  asked me (on the Power of Us Hub) “where do you go for Salesforce resources? “
  • One of the power-users at my org indicated that  she would not be able to go to DreamForce this year, due to timing and cost.  She indicated there must be other places for her to learn about Salesforce and connect with other users..

YES there is!  My answer was a list of all sorts of stuff:

 Out of all of the resources The best resource I have for help is the amazing Salesforce Community.  When I am asked if it’s more important “What” you know or “Who” you know, my answer is that all the best things I have learned I get from the smart people I interact with in the community.
“We are the music makers,
and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
– Willie Wonka
Do you have other resources that you use to learn about Salesforce and connect with resources?   Add them to the comments or send me a message!