I attended Midwest Dreamin 17 (MWD17) this week and it was amazing (again).   Thanks so much to the Staff and Volunteers who made this event a success.

Some of my highlights included:

  • First time I spoke at a Salesforce regional “dreamin” event.
  • First time speaking twice in one day.
  • Met some amazing community members in person for the first time. (see pictures below for some great faces)
Ohana Photo Booth - Thanks to the AppExchange
Top 3 things – what I am taking action on.
  1. I had a chance to speak with the leaders at PepUpTech and we spoke more about how we can reach high schools and help them increase their STEM education.  I received some new ideas and am continuing to work on more opportunities for students.
  2. Rebe de la Paz gave an amazing talk in her session about Training End Users.  I have so much to do and will be using her information to enhance how I interact with my users on a daily basis.  USE IT OR LOSE IT! (right, Rebe?)

  3. I was amazed at the feedback I received from the talk that Amy Oplinger and I did about Women Leadership in Technology.  We were a primer for the keynote by James Loduca later in the day where he used the same picture that we did of Marc Benioff in the Women’s March.   Also, many of the themes we spoke of were magnified in greater detail at the first ever WITSuccess Conference, which started after MWD ended.  There is more work to do here for WIT Allies, and I look forward to those conversations.

See some of my photos from MWD17 on my flickr site.


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