Trailhead Live Minneapolis, 2017

Trailhead Live Minneapolis, 2017

I attended the Trailhead Live event in Minneapolis on Dec 6, 2017.

I was not able to attend Dreamforce this year and I was so excited to have Dreamforce come to me via Trailhead Live!  So glad that they did, because it was fun, full of learning and I got to meet new people who I have been fans of from far away.


Colin Fleming wore a wonderful Astro sweater on a cold Minnesota day!

The Keynote was hosted by Colin Fleming (Salesforce Chief Creative Officer) and featured Alex MastroEric Stahl and Kris Lande.  These fine presenters showed how TMobile, Adidas, U.S. Bank, and 21st Century Fox are using Salesforce MyEinstien, MyLightning, and MyTrailhead to take their organizations to the next level of Customer Success.

During the Keynote, my friend Kris Salava was selected with the #AwesomeAdmin Award for the work that she has been doing in the Twin Cities in training others and helping her peers to get Salesforce Certifications.   She is so deserving, and I am so very proud of her work. (Kris, Shonnah, Aly and I all studied for the Admin Certification together, so I have seen her first-hand as an awesome resource for others.)


Justice, Ben and I discussing Community Cloud in between their sessions

There were so many sessions for learning at Trailhead Live, and I got to see presentations from the local Trailblazers like Leyna Hoffer, James Loghry, Ben Bolopue, Justice Sikakane, Shonnah Hughes, Carlos Villalpando, and others.

I attended a session on MyEinstein by Darvish Lee Shadravan, who gave me some concrete tips on how I can test Einstien through Trailhead.


I got to meet Kurt Smith (from Dreamforce Readiness videos!) and Kristen Pitukka

As always, Salesforce Events are a great way to network with others.  On this event, I spoke with Kurt SmithLeandro Perez and Derrick Strom from Salesforce.  I also had 4 of my own Salesforce users from TPT at this event, so we had a chance to discuss our own future with the platform, and considering how our roadmap aligns with Salesforce’s roadmap.

The WIT event afterwards was a blast as well.  The Minnesota Salesforce WIT group is always coming up with engaging, exciting, and relevant events for the community.  They deserve a round of applause for their work.

Food (Trailhead theme)

This is sort of a fun thing, but worth talking about.   The food that Salesforce served at the event was all “Trailhead” food.   For example:

  • Cranberry Salad in little mason jars
  • Baked Beans in little tin cans
  • little Trailmix bags
  • “Smores on a Stick” – which is perfect for Minnesota (home of everything on a stick)

It was just fun that they would show the Trailhead theme in all the decor, marketing and even in the food that they served.  Kudos Salesforce Events team!

What I took away

Aly, Kris and Shonnah from the Minnesota WIT User Group

I took many things, but the three that I will be working on moving forward include:

  • Communities (Community Cloud) – my organization will be coming back to Communities to enable it in our org.
  • Lightning – my organization will be moving to Lightning UI in 2018, and I hope to make this transition a good one for our users.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder – just because it looks so cool and I think I could wow my users by putting some data scenarios through Einstein, I am going to be diving into these and other Trailhead trailmixes.


Some of the fun pictures that I took are here on Flikr.  Enjoy:

Trailhead Live MN 2017