I am not big into “resolutions” although I do believe the beginning of the year is a good time for reflection on last year and an inventory on where I am and where I am going. I do set some strategy for what I want to be doing in the next 12 months and think about those things. I don’t like to call them “goals” as that becomes a checklist of measurement that is not what I am trying to do. These are really “wouldn’t it be cool ifs”. With that preamble, here is my 2018 recap:

Cool stuff that happened in 2018

This is in no particular order, but this is cool stuff I got to do and build in 2018:

  • Designed and built a set of APEX classes that selected yesterday’s “sales items” and sent them to the fulfillment vendor’s API for shipment.  Then next day, another set of APEX classes would get a file from an Amazon S3 bucket that would show the status of those items (shipped, back-ordered, cancelled, etc) and bring back to Salesforce for customer service review.
  • Migrated my employer’s Salesforce org to Lightning Experience and was selected as a Lightning Champion from Salesforce
  • Became a Co-Leader of the Twin Cities Salesforce User Community
  • My employer created a “member portal” on it’s website and I designed a way for the data in the member portal to match up with the Salesforce contact data in an automated way, using custom formula fields and process builder.
  • Started a “CRM Governance Team” at employer to start handling strategic long-term issues around value and future use of CRM products, processes, and policies.
  • Implemented new Telemarketing System (new integrations with CRM Systems)
  • Migrated Attachments to Files
  • Migrated Notes to Enhanced Notes
  • Used new integration tools like Zapier to bring in new data to the CRM system.
  • Got 3 Certifications, including:
    • Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
    • Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional
    • Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Books – I didn’t do as much reading as I wanted, but I did finish:
    • Joseph Topinka:  Business Partnerships: A Field Guide, Paving the Way for Business & Technology Convergence
  • Volunteer Work / School:
    • In my 2nd year of a Mentor at my Adopted High School, I was elected as Chair for the St Paul School District’s “Technical and Continuing Education” Advisory Board.  I hosted the high school students to my place of employment for a tour and visit to learn about public media and broadcasting.  It was great.
    • Also, started a group of volunteers to help a local nonprofit to build out their Salesforce NPSP org.  We meet on Monday nights to collaborate with this nonprofit and team up together to do amazing things in the Salesforce platform.
  • Trips: I was able to speak at Tahoe Dreamin, and at Dreamforce this year.
  • Baseball: I demoted myself to “Assistant Coach” this year and am so happy I did this.  I enjoy coaching baseball, but I don’t really get a high on being head coach.  I want to continue this next year.
  • Health:  I have been working with professionals to work on health related concerns and this has been a real journey, but has seen some positive results.


Cool stuff to do in 2019:

  • work with internal Governance Team to build better internal processes and policies about CRM usage. Discuss leadership, strategy and innovation internally to build the value of the CRM.
  • Expand the Governance team to include Superusers in departments to build leadership in the internal User community.
  • Learn Apsona (selections, mail merge, multi-step reporting, and Dedupe tools)
  • Build Bots and SMS Text project
  • Learn about Amazon Connect system (integrations to CRM)
  • Learn Einstein Discovery
  • Learn Einstein Analytics
  • Learn Flow/Process Builder/APEX Triggers to create future renewal/add gifts
  • “Do cool and amazing stuff in the Salesforce User Community”
  • Learn Modern JavaScript (classes/books/online/hands-on)
  • Learn APEX better/more (classes/books/online/hands-on)
  • Get 3 Certifications, including:
    • Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer
    • Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer
    • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
  • Books: I will be reading more in 2019, specifically I am looking at books on Leadership, Innovation, and Strategy that look interesting to me.  I am also seeing that great leaders do one thing in common, which is read daily:
  • Collaborate with Salesforce.org Probono program in a Design/Strategy session.
  • Learn more about Salesforce.org NPSP
  • Build projects using the Raspberry Pi
  • Rock Tumbling, Quartz and Geode Polishing
  • Go on Fossil and Rock hunting, camping, hiking and swimming.
  • Volunteer Work / School: Will continue to work with my adopted high school and may be also helping out an elementary school in the coming year.  Will plan on finishing our Monday night volunteer project and perhaps look for a new non-profit to help as the year moves on.
  • Trips:  Not sure if we will be traveling much this year, but we are planning to host some international guests this summer.
  • Baseball: I am planning on signing up for baseball coaching again this summer.
  • Health: Will continue to work on my health in 2019 and have some goals for this item as well.


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