People Matter…

People Matter…

In the world of the Business Analyst, we talk about Process, People, Technology and Policy a lot. We like to map out things, from process maps, data maps, impact maps, to example maps, we have diagrams and charts for everything. We love our tools and techniques. It’s true, it’s very true.

Fortunately I had a chance to step away from writing stories and mapping “everything” into its different buckets and I had time to reconnect with people at Midwest Dreamin in Chicago.

It reminded me that a good Business Analyst is technically skilled and always learning about the technology at use, and is also constantly understanding the domain in which they work (finance, retail, nonprofit, manufacturing, sales, service) but most importantly a good Business Analyst connects and relates to people, listens to people, tries to empathize with people and holds people as the most important part of their business.

I had a chance to listen, relate to and understand some of the important people in my Salesforce neighborhood. These are the people who have taught me, inspired me, mentored me, been a shoulder to lean on and at times have been a critical voice when I need correction.

The cool thing about this group of peers is that they come from different places and backgrounds and many are actually competitors in the same business verticals as me, yet we share our tips, tricks and knowledge with each other. We are better together in cooperation with each other, learning from our mistakes and gaining from our successes. The technology changes all the time, and process seems to be constantly at change.

The people who you meet, help and learn with are the most important. This post is all about the People.